We deliver results

We are fun loving people but we know that results are just as important.

Friendly Environment

We believe a friendly environment will allow students to learn and internalize information better.

Proven Methodologies

This year 2017 is our 10th year helping students in PSLE, O and A levels. Tuition is in our blood.

Comprehensive Notes

We constantly upgrade our notes and worksheets to make sure it’s the best.

What Secondary and JC Students Say

I have always been getting F9 in my Chemistry but after attending the Chemistry classes in Ace Scorers, my grades have been improving. Ms Joyce is very informative and friendly. She can gain the attention of all the students very well and constantly makes the lessons fun by cracking jokes. She is an excellent teacher overall and her teachings are always very clear. I’m also thankful that I have successfully scored a distinction in my O’level Chemistry exam!

St Andrew sec

“Mr Chan helped me improved my JC Math results, he was a patient and experienced Teacher.”


“Appreciate Mr Teng and Ms Joyce help on Secondary Science and Math from Primary to Secondary School” 

Serangoon garden sec
In the News

We appeared in the following media

Lian He Wan Bao article
Regular contributor to Popclub magazine
Presenter Mediacorp PSLE Seminar 2016, 2017
Mendaki PSLE Success Workshop 2017
Jurong Spring CC PSLE Seminar
Anchorval CC PSLE Seminar

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What our Primary Students say

I benefited from knowing how to solve the very difficult questions.

Zhong hua primary

I learnt different methods and strategies to solve the questions. The teachers are very kind and I can ask them for help when I am in doubt. The lessons help me improve my Math.


I have learnt the different methods and techniques to overcome the questions and also to identify what type of question it is. The teachers are really friendly and approachable. The courses are really helpful as I get to learn how to answer the different types of questions and it also exposed me to many questions so that I would be able to know how to do the question when it comes out in PSLE.

Li Xuan
Xing hua pri







Case Study – F9 to A1

Our student shares how he improved from F9 to A1 in this youtube video.

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